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Forum Code of Conduct

Our intention is to create a forum where early childhood professionals can share ideas and resources, ask questions, and connect in a supportive space. When you create your registration to the COAEYC Community Connection forum, you are agreeing to follow the code of conduct.

1. Be respectful. This is not the place for aggressive comments or behavior that intimidates or harasses others. Feedback should be helpful, not harmful.

2. Keep it professional. Please refrain from using language that you wouldn't use in a classroom.

3. When discussing your experiences or sharing ideas, do not post identifying information about children and families. This includes posting photos where children can be identified. 

4. Think twice about bad-mouthing colleagues, programs, and organizations. 

Content that violate the code of conduct will be removed. Users that repeatedly violate the code of conduct will be suspended from participating in the forum.

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