The board is currently in the process of reassessing the need and functions of each committee. Please check back in May.

We believe that the voices of early childhood professionals are important and need to be heard. Our state committees give us the opportunity to collaborate with COAEYC members and other professionals in the early childhood community toward advancing the profession in Colorado.

You do not have to be a member to join a committee. Committees typically meet every other month via Google Meet. 

Committees are closed to new members and are on hiatus at this time. Please check back in May!

Advocacy & Policy

This committee strives to be an active partner in the building of statewide systems and early childhood initiatives. Its goal is to be involved in advocacy initiatives and mobilize public will for social change, especially when it comes to teacher compensation.

Workforce & Professional Development

The goal of this committee is to help advance the early childhood profession in Colorado through: 1) creating affordable, accessible, diverse, and relevant professional development opportunities, 2) recruiting and retaining passionate early childhood teachers who feel educated, prepared, and supported, 3) work towards ensuring that early childhood teachers are well-compensated for the important work that they do.

Community Engagement

The goal of this committee is in its name -- to engage with COAEYC members and the early childhood community outside of it. This committee strives to increase the diversity of COAEYC's members, increase partnerships with early learning programs, higher learning institutions, and other early childhood organizations, and to help cultivate an environment of knowledge and transparency between COAEYC and its members.

Quality through the Arts

The goal of this committee is to increase developmentally appropriate art opportunities and education in early learning settings through professional development, collaborations with partner organizations, and events that encourage process over product.