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COAEYC Community Blog Submission Guidelines

We created the Colorado Childhood Collaborative Blog because we believe that our best resource as early childhood professionals is each other. We wanted to curate a collection of resource-rich content created by and for those invested in Colorado’s early childhood community. If you are a Colorado-based early childhood professional or advocate, we invite you to share your expertise and experience with our membership.


Our audience is our diverse network of COAEYC and NAEYC members! These professionals are educators and caregivers from a variety of program models, administrative staff, home child care providers, special education providers, early childhood advocates, college and CTE students, and more. 

Additionally, our audience is busy. They give a lot of themselves during their day, so we appreciate articles that are resourceful and relevant to their work, are thought-provoking, and are a joy to read.

This blog is accessible to COAEYC and NAEYC members only.

What Do We Accept?

  • Brief articles, personal stories, and viewpoints

  • Infographics based on current and relevant research

  • Content can include photos and videos

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for articles and posts that:

  • Provide developmentally appropriate strategies, tools, and resources

  • Provide activities that are engaging, developmentally appropriate, and in the case of art, value process over product

  • Encourage social and emotional skill-building

  • Promote inclusion, cultural consciousness, appreciation and celebration of diversity, and anti-bias and anti-racist pratices

  • Encourage professionals to reflect on their own practice

  • Educate and inspire

  • Offer guidance, support, and connection

We Do Not Accept:

  • Articles campaigning for or against any political candidate, or articles that show a clear opinion for or against any political party or political figure.

  • Strategies or tools that conflict with the NAEYC Code of Ethics or Developmentally Appropriate Practice

  • Editorials are currently only accepted by staff and board members of COAEYC and NAEYC, or by invitation only.

Content Guidelines

  • Word count: 500 - 2,500 words 

  • Content should use pseudonyms in place of children’s names

  • References cited should be published within the last 10 years

Submission Guidelines

  • Reference list for content cited in post, article, or infographic

  • If including photos, include a model release form signed by every adult and the guardian of every child in the photo. 

  • A brief abstract of 50 words or less

  • A brief biography and a photo of yourself to publish with your article.

Submission Process

  1. Email your article to

  2. Your submission will be reviewed by the Communications Committee. Depending on the type of article or content you have submitted, it may also be reviewed by one of our four state committees: Advocacy and Policy, Workforce and PD, Community Engagement, or Quality through the Arts.

  3. We may send back feedback and notes for editing. Once those are complete, you can send back your revised content.

  4. Note that all submissions are subject to revisions and design edits (e.g. the addition of stock photos) by COAEYC, but we will share them with you for approval.

  5. If no editing is needed or editing has been completed, and your post has been accepted, we will notify you when your content will be published live on Current turnaround time is TBD. We will also notify you if we chose not to publish your content at this time.

  6. We will share the post on our website, on social media, and through our monthly newsletter. Just a reminder: our blog is a members only area of our website and readers will need to be members of COAEYC to access it.

Important Things to Know

  • We are not offering compensation for articles at this time. However, we encourage you to take space in your biography to promote your business, book, LinkedIn, classroom wishlist, podcast, or other revenue/donation stream.

  • By submitting, you are giving COAEYC permission to share, publish, and use your content on our digital platforms (including but not limited to website and social media) and any print publications.

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